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            报告目的                                               Reporting Objectives
               本报告为新葡萄京娱乐场官网股份有限公司正式发布的第三份可持续发展报                       This is the third sustainability report officially released by China State
            告。报告旨在与利益相关方就公司可持续发展的理念、实践和绩效进                     Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd. The report aims to openly share our sustainability
                                                               concepts, practices and performances with our stakeholders.
                                                               Reporting Cycle
 目 录        发布周期                                               April 21st 2011.
                                                                  Our sustainability report is published annually. Our last report was released on
 CONTENTS   报告范围                                               Reporting Scope
                                                                  This report covers economic, environmental and social responsibility news
                                                               Engineering Co., Ltd., its 31 wholly owned subsidies and 10 shareholding companies
            所属五大业务板块的31个全资子公司和10个控股公司在经济、环境和                   and information from 1 January to 31 December 2011 for China State Construction
            社会等方面的履责信息。相关典型案例来自公司所属企业。                         across five business sectors, as well as related case studies from the Group’s
                                                               subsidiary companies.
            数据说明                                               Reporting Data
               本报告财务数据来自公司2011年财务报告,报告数据计算方法与                     The financial data in the report are taken from the Company’s Financial Report
            以往报告一致。报告中如无特别说明,所有金额均以人民币表示。                      2011 and all calculations are consistent with previous reports. All amounts are in
                                                               RMB unless otherwise specified.
            编写依据                                               Compilation Conformance
                                                                  The report is compiled in accordance with the Guideline on Performing
 011  报告导读  意见》、上海证券交易所《公司履行社会责任的报告》编制指引等                      Social Responsibility by Central Enterprises, released by the State-owned Assets
            规定要求,参照全球报告倡议组织《可持续发展报告指南》(GRI                     Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, and
 关于我们                                                          the Guidelines for Compiling Reports of the Practice of Social Responsibilities by
 012  About Us  G3.1)、国际标准化组织《ISO 26000:社会责任指南(2010)》、         Enterprises, released by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The report is also line with
                                                               the Guideline on Sustainability Report (G3.1) from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI),
 020  可持续经营  报告承诺                                              ISO 26000: Guidance on Social Responsibility (2010) by the International Organization
 Sustainable Operation
                                                               for Standards, and the Guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting for
               本报告由新葡萄京娱乐场官网社会责任管理团队组织编制,由公司相关高管                    Chinese Enterprises (CASS-CSR 2.0).
 全产业链创新     审核,经公司董事会、监事会审议批准。新葡萄京娱乐场官网保证报告内容不存
 032  Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain                 Reporting Commitment
                                                                  The report is prepared by the Taskforce of the Management of Social
                                                               Responsibilities of the Company, examined by senior management and approved by the
 042  质量    保证方法                                               Board of Directors and the Supervision Committee. China State Construction Engineering
                                                               Co., Ltd. assures that the report contains no false records or misleading information.
 安全         独立的验证证明。
 054  Safety                                                   Reporting Assurance
                                                                  The 2011 Sustainability Report received third party verification and was given
            报告特色                                               an independent verification certification from TUV Nord.
 064  环境       在结构上延续阳光报告的基本框架,用七色光诠释公司的社会责                    Reporting Characteristics
                                                                  The 2011 Sustainability report continues to adopt the basic framework and
 员工                                                            structure, and interprets corporate social responsibility through the Company’s seven-
 076  Staff  报告创新                                              color light framework. The framework symbolizes China Construction’s efforts in pooling
                                                               its responsibility into powerful sunlight that promotes global sustainable development.
 084  社会    公司将引领和推动行业发展作为对全球可持续发展的基本责任。                       Innovation in Reporting
            利益相关方沟通交流、提升公司运营透明度的平台作用。                             The report  systematically discloses the practices and performance of the
 责任专题                                                          Company in the industrial chain and highlights our basic responsibility for global
 094  Responsibility Topics  指标的披露深度。                          sustainability and our goal of leading and driving the industry.
                                                                  The main part of the report includes our honorary awards and comments from our
                                                               stakeholders, utilizing the role of our stakeholder communication platforms to enhance
 100  展望    称谓说明                                               operational transparency.
               为表述方便,新葡萄京娱乐场官网股份有限公司在报告中简称“中国建                         The contents section of the report discloses our social responsibility benchmarks.
 专家点评       筑”、“公司”或“我们”。
 102  Expert Comments                                          References to CSCEC
                                                                  In this report, CSCEC, “China Construction”, “the Company” or “we” refer to
            获取方式                                               China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited.
 106  评级报告     报告语言为中英文,以印刷品和PDF电子文件两种方式发布,欢                   Online Access to the Report
 Rating Report
                                                                  The report is prepared and released in two formats – print and electronic – and in
 第三方验证                                                         Chinese and English. Please visit to download the report or contact us.
 107  Verification of the Third Party  联系方式
               新葡萄京娱乐场官网股份有限公司                                      Contact Us
 108  GRI指标索引  地址:中国北京三里河路15号新葡萄京大厦                                 China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd
                                                                  Address: CSCEC Mansion, NO.15 Sanlihe Road, Beijing, China
 GRI Index
               电话:(8610) 88082888                                 Postcode: 100037
                                                                  Telephone: (8610) 88082888
 113  Feedback Form  传真:(8610) 88082789                           Fax: (8610) 88082789
               网址:                            Website:
 010  新葡萄京娱乐场官网股份有限公司 ?China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd                             2011可持续发展报告?Sustainability Report 2011 011
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